The Benefits of Avocado Oil

Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Perhaps it is the high cost of health care or the increasing collective awareness about our overall individual wellness, but there is no doubt that we are taking giant strides towards becoming a health-conscious nation.

Fats and oils: we are all too familiar with that tiny little triangle of temptation at the top of the food pyramid. What if you were told that fats and oils are one of the significant elements of a healthy diet? Would you believe it? Avocado oil is a perfect example of an oil that has fats crucial to the function of all cells in the human body.

What Exactly is Avocado Oil? Avocado oil comes from the Americana Persea or avocado.

Unlike many other edible oils, avocado oil is not extracted from the seed of the fruit or vegetable. It is pressed from the fleshy part of the fruit that surrounds the seed. This oil consists mostly of monosaturated fats, and Vitamin E. Monosaturated fats are one of those essential facts that the body needs to promote healthy cell reproduction. These fats act as a lubricant for our biomolecules. Biomolecules are any molecule that is present in a living organism. Our cells are made mostly of water, and during the reproduction process, monosaturated fats are crucial to assisting cells to keep membrane fluidity. There are 14 specific monosaturated fats, Oleic Acid, being the primary fatty acid found in avocado oil.

What is Avocado Oil Used For?                          

Before avocados became a mainstream superfruit, their oil was mainly used in the manufacturing of cosmetics. This is because of its high moisturizing properties. Using this oil for cooking is becoming as mainstream as olive oil. This is because they are both similar in composition and smoke point. Other similar oils include; safflower and sunflower oil. This oil works well for any type of high-heat cooking. The more the oil, the better the taste.

The emerald green color may seem off-putting, but it does NOT taste like the actual fruit. The flavor is on the soft side, perhaps, a bit of a mild mushroom flavor? Medicinal uses include relief of dry, itchy skin caused by psoriasis and eczema, it is used in the treatment of various scalp conditions, and its microbial properties make it the perfect topical for minor burns and cuts.

Benefits Of Utilizing Avocado Oil: •  The predominately fatty acid makeup promotes healthy cell production. •  Vitamin E makes it an excellent moisturizer; prolonging aging and encouraging cell elasticity. •  It is microbial. This means it acts as a topical antiseptic and provides minor burn relief. •  It has a high smoke point of 520 degrees F which is the highest smoke point of a lot of oils, including Olive Oil 405 degrees, and Coconut oil 350 degrees. This means you can use Avacado Oi too deep fry, oven bake, stir-fry, sear and sauté without fear! •  Oleic acid is one of the top fatty acids that the body uses to produce energy.

Now, those are some impressive benefits! A healthy body with high energy and radiant skin sounds like the prescription to happiness. Not to mention, the endless cooking possibilities. If you're serious about your health it's probably time to check out Avacado oil for yourself.