Vegetarian Diet Plan

Vegetarian Diet Plan


This Lacto-ovo dietition designed meal plan focuses on grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits offering a variety of delicious high fiber / low fat choices that adhere to the dietary guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association.


This plan makes adhering to a vegedarian diet easy and is ideal for anyone who wants to start a vegetarian diet or maintain a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.


Our dietitions work hard to ensure a tasty and balanced diet consisting of proper nutrients and adequate protein.


Choose the Calorie Intake that's right for you:

- 1000
- 1200

- 1500
- 1800
- 2000
- 2200
- 2400
- 2600

 Balanced with: 15-20% protein | 25-30% fat | 50-55% carbohydrates

Desired Calorie Intake